First Musings…

Well, yesterday was my 19th birthday. And since this makes it a whole new year for me today, I thought I might as well make a new entry in here. Something to please myself – a promise for the new year.

Life is something like a stream – I don’t claim this analogy to be mine. A river that runs from the mountains, cutting in on divides and crusts. Runs, as it does, on crags and boulders – grinding them to pale sands of alluvium. The very alluvium that fertilises the shores of Man. Aeons of brute force pulverising sheer concrete to fine sand – the birthplace of Civilisation. The unmistakable mutiny that goes on within a calm, fluid exterior. Muse to many a poet, a treat to the eyes of the artist, the answer Nature gives to the plaints of the farmer – and yet, raving beneath in a storm of violence. What a beautiful contradiction…what amazing craft.

That’s where I do see Life.

Life not just as an entity, but the life ordinary – strife within the soul of Man, strife against his own dogmas, strife against his own brother. Each man trying to outdo one who could’ve been himself. In every little action, a desire to outdo, a jealous fire on rampage. But this very same man…this very same man who brings laughter to some, brings hope to others. Despite his imperfections, for many the sole light. How each man does make himself an identity – a total of so many negatives, a harbinger of so much positive. So many services, so many roles. The beautiful irony… All competing against each other, doing the same things with the people they love, and dying in the same breath of Time. And yet, what is it that they do want? What is it that is the purpose of all this charade? An unending, universal plea for peace. For a moment’s calm. The one thing that does unite all warring factions – all divided – the same thing that everyone is after.


And no matter how many farmers he brings a smile to, no matter how many valleys he forges. No matter the scores that pilgrim at the spot where he bursts forth, no matter how many purge their sins in it…Does he indeed care that his actions bring life to millions, breaks down Old Earth’s crust? Journeys taken forth alone – long, troublesome – and ones which seem to go on for ages…does he not tire? What does the river want? A silent sanctuary. The deep blue waters of the ocean. Quiet, calm. Mingling into the Endless. An end to all the violence. An end to all strife.



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