Starts Anew!

Hello there!

Whoever is there, and wherever there is.

Today is the 15th of June, and am officially beginning my last year of college. And to commemorate not just the beautiful counter signalling the looming demise of what has definitely been the worst of life so far, but also the amazing shenanigans I’ve survived over the past month and a half, I’ve sort of decided that I’ll rather be publishing daily. The only catch is that in my 19th year today, I’ve significantly lost count of the number of times that I’ve made up my mind to do something daily – to read daily, study daily, do Maths daily, exercise daily, take pills daily, blah, blah, and more blah. The one thread that does unite all of this – apart from the fact that I tried ’em all – is that I failed in ’em all.

But, nonetheless, life is supposed to be looked at with hope – or something similar at least – and therefore, here’s to me being able to post something daily!

(At the same time, here’s also hoping that someone stumbles upon my blog, gets mighty impressed, offers me a book deal, and makes me a superstar. That way, am sure, I’ll be able to afford as many Sony Ericssons as I want. Cheers!)

But coming, well, to something more forthright.

There’s something I must say that peeves me, irritates me, and well, smothers me. I hate goodbyes. Farewells of any sort. And of late, I’ve been having a decent number of them. And at each such event, I’ve felt something that was a part of me parting – leaving me and running away. It doesn’t really matter if the thing or person in question was of great importance or significance. It still hurts. And then there’s this elaborate procedure – something like high-diving into a pool of Nostalgia – that seeps in, bringing with it every tiny detail, each forgotten obscurity.

So, since I’ve been speaking of this being the last year, and leaving and all, what will it be like a year from now? Will I really be able to get rid of the memories – bitter most, and some sweet – when the time really comes? Will I be able to be as unconcerned and stoic then?

I know it’s too early to really bother… but then, when you have the time, why not waste it?


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