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After not having witnessed any thing for most of this whole year, I must say that two posts in two days is mighty awesome for this blog. If my Math were any good, I’d tell you how much a percent this figure was to all my writing so far…but too many things in life are often discarded in the impossible promise of that word.


But, well, I’m not writing now to tell you that I am writing again. That wouldn’t be making much sense then, would it? I am writing now because I want something from you – readers, who, once in a blue moon, reminded by some Facebook update, or some by an email, bother checking this space. Well, actually, before really wanting, I think I’d rather act a little worthy of my education so far and thank you. For all those visits, however rare may they have been!

OK! Now, acting ‘me’ again, I’m going to ask.

Writing isn’t an easy task and largely because, like most other art forms, its quality depends not just on how good or bad you think it is, but more so on how good or bad your viewer finds it.

(That, I think, is the perfect explanation for the existence of the assembly line of absolute crap that we know as Bollywood.)

But, well, I’m not saying I’m any better than the proponents of these atrocities. Which is why, if you think I am not, I request you to let me know so. And massively relieving that’ll be, I assure you. I want your feedback. And it is pretty easy too. At the end of this post, in comparatively bright blue, lies the link ‘Comment’. Please use it…

(In case you do think that I am no better, or perhaps worse than those folks, let me know as well)

The second thing is relatively easier. Once you are here, move around, go through what’s been written, and tell me how to improve things. In hindsight, I’d also really like you to consider this option before telling me that I am crap and ought to shut this space.

Well, that’s it. Not much to ask for, eh?

So, tell me?


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