30,000 Feet


There was an anonymous comment here on my last post ‘Tell me’. Well, thanks to whoever that was, and glad to see that there’s at least one person out there polite enough to make an almost instant answer to a request.

Not to say that you, fair people, aren’t polite. I’m hoping, in fact, counting on more of you polite folks to turn up.

Events today have largely left me incapacitated to write what I was originally hoping – not planning – to write. So I decided to dig up the ol’ folders of my hard disk to find something. This I found – and something I was planning to post back when I’d written it in the first place. Not prime stuff, I agree, but, well, the best I can up with posting now.

As usual, will await your wise thoughts on this:

30,000 Feet

30,000 feet above my home,

Flying away into the blue.

My tears rainfall to the mountains,

My fears awaiting me anew.


Long yet is the course remaining,

Far away still the airport lights.

Like so many of my dreams I know,

Long, tiring, incomplete flights.


Storms have been there since take-off,

All my vision blinded by rain.

I see some lightning once in a while,

Though silence stifles Thunder’s complain.


How long can such a flight go on?

They said I’d be there “on time”.

And yet we rumble on somehow,

Not sure what time is “on time”.


I pray somehow that this be my last journey.

Knowing well that this isn’t so.

But Hope still remains of some freedom,

Because I reaped once, again I must now sow.


30,000 feet above my home.

Still have long to fly,

Long, tiring,

Incomplete flights!


8 thoughts on “30,000 Feet

  1. like again….but I believe a li’l distance could work wonders…..wat do u think?


    1. Distance? Here.

      Of all the differentiation comments/suggestions you’ve made, I guess this baffles me the most. I’d really love to know what makes you think this.


      1. 30,000 feet above my home,
        Flying away into the blue.
        My tears rainfall to the mountains.
        My fears awaiting me anew.

        beautiful description !!

        a new height (30000 feet)…. a new adventure
        a new uncertainty
        a new courage


        1. Thanks so much, Pranay.

          There’s other stuff too – hope you like the rest of it too…


  2. Before I say anythng, I’d like to hear frm u, wat u make of distance in this context…! 🙂


    1. Well, if I could make anything of it, why would I ask?


      No, seriously. You’re the one who’s studied analysis, etc. of the English language. I’d be obliged.


  3. No, but for me to find an appropriate start, I need to hear from you…..please, I m sure you do make something of it. And one more thing, these comments tht I post, are not on the basis of my studied analysis, for I do not as yet consider myslf capable of seasoned criticism. These reactions are more instinctive, if tht disappints you……


  4. *disappoints (just spotted the missing ‘o’!)

    and as I can see tht thr is no response from ur end, I’d rather just find a start myself: ok, I really think it is a very good poem, very reflective of the predicaments of many others who are on a new journey towards a new/unknown destination in life, but if you could slightly peel off (marginally distance) your persona, the ‘abhimanyu-ness’ (if I may use the word) from the predicament, the impact would be different….

    This is wht my initial comment had wanted to suggest not denying however, the fact tht the poem is in-itself complete and justified. 🙂


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