Wishin’ I Could Thank You In A Different Way…

Going by recent history, this post comes after what can be called a long period of time.

A week.

There was of course an era when a week was a second, and this blog saw the light of an update as frequently as our great nation sees the sight of an honest and incorruptible politician.

(Two things. I know it is our collective national pastime to criticise politicians and it is a very painful cliché, but they keep doing something to deserve it, and you just can’t let all that hard work go waste. Second, well, take note that I said ‘politician’, and not ‘leader’…honestly, do we even have one?)

But that isn’t what I plan to talk about here. As the title goes, this post is to thank people. And, almost invariably, that thanks is for their, for lack of a better word, patronage of this blog.

And here’s the list:

Well, first, and by far foremost, a million thanks go out to Shweta Parakh. For all the times that she’s been around, been a pillar of support, a great friend, and a greater person. Thanks to you for not just being the most vociferous proponent of Quotations – thank you for being.

Amit Vasudeo – no words can really go the distance, so I won’t even try… suffice to say, thanks!

Great kudos and thanks go out to Meher as well. I’ve been heaped praises once in a fair while, but rarely something as grandiose as his. And, what is more, he actually stumbled upon my blog through Google when not expressly searching for it – something I guess no one else has managed to do.

Quick round too goes out to Nancy, Kumaresan aka ‘Madras’ and Anamika.

It is perhaps too early in the day to be thanking people… but, well, better late than never. I hope I do keep you guys coming over again and again…

Take care.


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