My Beautiful Women

The woman who appeals to a man’s vanity may stimulate him, the woman who appeals to his heart may attract him, but it is the woman who appeals to his imagination who gets him.

– Helen Rowland.

I consider myself to be an avid viewer of movies. Though I haven’t really seen most – at least those the “intellectuals” go insane about – genres of cinema at work,  I do have a few favourites. Much like with everybody else, there’re favourite films, favourite directors, favourite actors, and, as the title of this piece suggests, or should suggest, favourite actresses. And, on Women’s Day, what better way to celebrate Nature’s most awe-inspiring creation, eh?

Now, by no means am a critic, neither do I carry the mantle of creating something that is universally greeted and accepted. We all have our favourites, and these are mine. So, on the 8th of March, eight of my favourite leading ladies. Obviously, the images are all property of their respective owners, were sourced with help from Google, offer me no commercial gain, and the rest of the legal blah.

In no specific order of ranking:


Julia Roberts in 'Notting Hill'
Julia Roberts in ‘Notting Hill’

I don’t know what precisely it is about this film, maybe the story, maybe Hugh Grant, but boy does she absolutely rock as Anna Scott. And at the risk of sounding pretty, I don’t know, something, that the scene where she declares, “After all… I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her“, is where’s she’s awesome-st. Even otherwise the dialogues are memorable. I haven’t come across someone who does wit as good as Richard Curtis – as seen here, in ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, and the “ultimate romantic comedy”, ‘Love Actually’.


Rose Byrne in 'Wicker Park'
Rose Byrne in ‘Wicker Park’

Have you come across the expression, ‘sad beauty’? If yes, watch this film and you’ll know how I define it. If no, watch this film and you’ll know how you define it.


Marion Cotillard in 'A Good Year'
Marion Cotillard in ‘A Good Year’

She’s French – that, in itself, is all that really needs to be said. But when Ridley Scott films, and it is set in sunny, unimaginably divine (or so he paints it) Provence, Beauty takes on a whole new plane. Damn the story, or characters, or whatever else you choose to find faults in every film you see, and have a dekko for the sheer visual poetry.


Martine McCutcheon in 'Love Actually'
Martine McCutcheon in ‘Love Actually’

They call her ‘Plumpy’ in the film, and that was my first insight into the modern-day aggravation in much of the Western world about Anorexia and Bulimia. With no intentions of offending anyone, and apologies if I do, this lass would be called oh-so-perfect done here in India. Of course, her being paired opposite Hugh Grant is perhaps another reason she makes it to the list. Richard Curtis’ directorial debut. And, honestly, the best romcom I’ve ever seen. Period.


Drew Barrymore in 'Music and Lyrics'
Drew Barrymore in ‘Music and Lyrics’

I don’t think she has looked beautiful prior to, or since, this film. Not a great story, and, in fact, follows your rather predictable romcom blueprint. But the chemistry, despite the very obvious age difference, is good. And Hugh Grant sings!


Rachel Weisz in 'Definitely, Maybe'
Rachel Weisz in ‘Definitely, Maybe’

The last I had seen of Rachel Weisz was in ‘The Mummy’ series. And the shock I had upon seeing her in this film was much severe than what I could explain if I replicated her scream from the first of the Egyptian adventures. This film does have a rather eye-teasing posse of actresses other than Weisz – Isla Fisher, Elizabeth Banks, heck even, Abigail Breslin looks fresh. But there’s no one to compare with the sexy Brit.


Leonor Varela in 'Americano'
Leonor Varela in ‘Americano’

The definition of sexy, sultry, and every other Latina stereotype you’ve fantasised about. And, did I mention, that it is my joint favourite movie? I haven’t seen a lot of indie films, but damn, I tell you, this one beats many a big-budget productions hands down. Perfect cinematography. a supreme background scores that compliments it to the T, and this here lady giving you the very definition of free-spirited acting.


Scarlett Johansson in 'Lost in Translation'
Scarlett Johansson in ‘Lost in Translation’

Actually, including her here is quite incorrect. The caption ought to have read – “Scarlett Johansson in ‘Lost in Translation’, or any other film”. I guess she has a face that is quite beyond words. And I’d love to keep it at that. Sofia Coppola’s directorial debut casts Bill Murray opposite this gorgeous lady – and they complement each other perfectly. He looks so bored that you’d be put to sleep in your sleep, she looks so fresh that you’d keep staring at her with your eyes closed.

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. In fact, it is limited by my movie experience. I’m sure you’ll have a couple of your favourites. Let me know which great faces have I missed. Unintentionally, this list contains no Indian face. I welcome your recommendations, and will perhaps create another post.


7 thoughts on “My Beautiful Women

    1. Agreed!

      Bellucci, by law, should make it to any such list. But the last I saw her was in ‘Malèna’ and ‘Irreversible’ – two films, believe me, in which you wouldn’t choose the word “beautiful” to describe her.

      Which films would you choose?


  1. ay, Ab, Scarlett is just … great.

    another favorite of mine is Penelope Cruz. she’s stunning in Volver and Nine – to mention a few 😀


    1. Great to see my choice resonates with you. Thanks a ton!

      The two Latinas I wanted to include were Salma Hayek, and, as you pointed out, Penelope Cruz. But the problem, really, is for which film. I’ll confess I haven’t seen either of the two films you mentioned – heck I haven’t seen a film in absolute ages – but they were both there in the very forgettable ‘Bandidas’. And didn’t cut it.


  2. What happened to your favourite for as long as I’ve known.. or I thought i knew you.. ‘Nicole Kidman’?


  3. No, you did know.

    But I haven’t seen a film in which Nicole Kidman absolutely floored me, and that was one of the criteria in making this list.


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