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Recently, I was going through my blog. Fixing an odd error or two here and there, straightening out some of the anomalies, I tried getting the house organised. I like to keep things clean and simple.

In the process of doing that, I realised that one of my poems, the following, had been stuck away within a post. As such, I decided to carve out another post, and give it its fair share of sunshine.

Hope you’ll like it…


Am waiting now,

As I’ve been for a long time now,

For a miracle – another traveller.


My travels have been mine.

And the journey, a solitary race.

I’d love for there to be someone – the heart aches for company.


I may not know her, or be with her.

But someone to share the road, someone to think with.

Another nomad!


For we know that despite the journey we share,

There awaits a solitary end – nothing shared.

And each must travel his own path.


For the road ends where it begins.

And, I hope, so can we!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Thomas Davis says:

    I like the we in the last line, the longing, the desire to move from the solitary nature of the road to the possibility of a road shared.


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