Reading Gulzar – Aapki Aankhon Mein

Now that the sad songs are done with, I guess I’ll open my favourite romantic number – one of, to be honest, because an absolute is rather difficult. The imagery that this song paints, in itself, if not through its accompanying visuals, shows how pure and innocent love can get, and how innocent needn’t necessarily mean an absence of naughty. Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar – that duet God sent to bless our ears forever – combine in a fluid piece. Quite frankly, I lose my head when Kishore starts with ‘lab hilein…’

Film: Ghar

Music: R. D. Burman

Singer: Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar

Lyrics: 🙂

Here goes…

Aapki Aankhon Mein

Aapki aankhon mein kuchh mehke hue se saaz hain,

Aap se bhi khoobsoorat aapke andaaz hain…

Lab hilein to mogre ke phool khilte hain kahin,

Aapki aankhon mein kya saahil bhi milte hain kahin,

Aapki khaamoshiyaan bhi, aapki aawaaz hai…

Aapki baaton mein phir, koi sharaarat to nahin,

Bewajaa taareef karna, aapki aadat to nahin,

Aapki badmaashiyon ke, ye naye andaaz hain…

Aapki aankhon mein kuchh mehke hue se saaz hain,

Aap se bhi khoobsoorat aapke andaaz hain…


There’s no poetry on the silver screen of Hindi cinema like Gulzar’s. If there’s a song you want the words to, please let me know in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Reading Gulzar – Aapki Aankhon Mein

  1. “Lose my head”? – oh, absolutely! The magic of the RD-Gulzar and Kishore-Lata combination – we have no other choice do we? :). Love the song, and in this case, the actors – Vinod Mehra and Rekha, do absolute justice to it.


    1. I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly. After all, there’s very little one can do to not fall for a hero in a white kurta-pajama and a heroine in a saree romancing on the terrace of their home – with all implied sensuality, and none apparent.


      1. Hehehe, indeed :D. Kurta-pajama-saree-terrace mightn’t have had that much appeal but add a Vinod Mehra with his impish grin and oh-so-sultry Rekha, and … phew 🙂

        And to think that we’ve absolutely lost out on this kind of cinema/actors/actresses/music/poetry … 😥


        1. I’d slightly disagree, respectfully of course, with that last statement.

          I think what we have lost on is the sensibility, it has become very rare. If you look at Imtiaz Ali’s films, especially ‘Love Aaj Kal’, or the romance in films like ‘Swades’, ‘Jhoota Hi Sahi’, or even a ‘Fukrey’, I think you’ll see that there is a sliver of the everyday or the intelligent love story. And the actors have pulled it off quite nicely I would say.

          The decline in poetry is, of course, rather stark and lamentable.


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