If it weren’t for WordPress here, I wouldn’t even remember that the last post I made on this blog was on the last day of July. Almost three months have passed since, and boy, has Life been going places!

But more on that later. Right now, it is about Diwali!

If you’ve seen any of those Christmas movies the West makes, and ‘Love Actually’ is perhaps the best one, you’ll get the sort of idea that I have of this festival. To me, it is this huge vat of joy that, like the proverbial cup, will never empty, will always splash some on you. For me, it always brings hope – for some odd reason, I feel a godly presence, for some odd reason, I reaffirm my belief that the world still is a beautiful place, and that beneath our barbaric exteriors, we’re still children running after the same thing – love – and somehow, at the end of it all, we’ll find it.

And, to that end…


Children of the Sun, I see,

Splattered around, each lightning up its inch,

They say that old Ayodhya lit up thus when the Lord returned home,

The Lord’s nowhere in sight, but we stick to tradition.


Children of the Sun, I see,

What quaint, what liberty, what peace,

In constant battle with the wind, and more with Man’s dazzling electrics,

Still awaiting they are, perhaps, the Lord’s return.


Children of the Sun, I see,

And wonder why the Lord chose dark Amavasya to return,

Could it be so that His children light their own lamps to conquer the dark?

Could it be so that His children learn that millions make one?


Children of the sun, I see,

And sing with them the praise of the Lord,

And hope that this year, finally, He returns Home.

To my heart.


Your thoughts, your criticism, your feedback – all are very welcome. They help me know if what I’ve written resonates with you. Please consider leaving a comment below and telling me how this piece made you feel.


7 thoughts on “Diwali!

  1. Why don’t you write more often?
    I agree with you.. Any festival for that matter brings some new unknown joy which can change the world around you.. may even be momentary.. but it’s wonderful! 🙂


    1. Well, largely, because kind folks like yourself don’t comment all too often.

      And yes, it is wonderful – the last remaining universal celebrations of humanity, these festivals.


      1. Are you going to write only if kind folk comment and not because you have great writing skills, great ideas and perspectives?


        1. Well, at the outset, thanks for those ‘kind’ compliments.

          Most of this blog has been written without any comments, so that isn’t what gets the writing going. But yes, the comments do sustain it. And right now is as good a time as any for some sustenance.


  2. Delightful! It captures the essence of the festival beautifully!


  3. Thanks, ma’am.

    Really appreciate it!


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