In returning to poems after a while, here’s a poem that I made up today while staring at this white screen.

I hope you’ll like it…


Sing songs of the rain tonight, Beloved!

Ask the clouds to bless us,

And the stars to drip down in a kindly drizzle,

Ask them for rain, ask them for life.


Partake the earth, and dance tonight, Beloved!

Spinning within, breathless without,

Dance and dance ceaseless in your heart,

Let each step tell its own story.


Own me for ever tonight, Beloved!

Make no one come close, take me afar,

Fill each breath with the promise of love,

Take me tonight, and give me all.


Beloved! How do I tell you how much I love you,

Beloved! Falls the night sky, and fast approaches dawn,

Soon the stars will fade, and the music die, and the dance dissolve,

Beloved! Light still, you, my flame.


Your thoughts, your criticism, your feedback – all are very welcome. They help me know if what I’ve written resonates with you. Please consider leaving a comment below and telling me how this piece made you feel.


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