A New Deal

Each year, I believe, brings with it its own learnings. I don’t want to, as is my habit otherwise, to look past and reflect and write a quite incomprehensible memoir of what happened in the 365 days that just passed. What is the purpose of it? I am, just as we are all, very likely to make the same mistakes, enjoy the same shenanigans, and live the same truths again.

Nothing, largely, ever changes. Things just get draped anew.

So, instead, I’ve decided to look at the year ahead. While this is also in accordance with my habit otherwise, I think it is at least a tad bit more optimistic.

And a better way, frankly, of spending a month you’ve absolutely no clue what to do with or about.

And thus, in the spirit of the new and all, I am introducing a new design, and some new content. For long, whatever I’ve posted has been in English, other than, of course, my collection of Gulzar. Beginning this year this post, that changes. I’ll be blogging in Hindi – my mother tongue for all practical purposes – and largely poetry at that.

That bit aside, I’d rather get on with the festive side of things. Or is it the philosophical. Quite an oxymoron. But, either way, I hope that this year is one of great upheaval, great change. Of changing weather, and even more frequently changing tides. I hope that we climb and tire so that the splash in the cool blue of the ocean is a well-earned one. I wish that my friends be with me, whom I cherish; and new ones are made who I may in the years ahead. I want that new roads be chosen, and varied strangers be met on them so that when the year ends, I differentiate 365 different shades of life. There be no tears but ones that bring wisdom, no smiles but ones based on honest contentment, no love but based on purity.

Yes, it is true, that there was pain in the days we’ve left, and there still is some that lingers on. Yes, it is true, that things are a like a headphone that has been in the pocket for a week. Yes, it is true, that certain memories still haunt, and their realities haunt worse.

But it is also true that after each night there is dawn.

But it is also true that while there is breath there is hope.

But it is also true that as long as we strive, we shall achieve.

I wish you, my dearest ladies and gentlemen of the audience, a very happy new year!


1 thought on “A New Deal

  1. Cant believe bachce itane bade ho gaye hain…i dont want to judge it by rating it…for me its overwhelming…i am glad that someone told me Noni is like Manu(when he was young)…


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