Reading Gulzar – Yaaram

And we’re back! It’s been a long, long time since I have updated my blog here. Part of it had something to do with my extremely strenuous life these past six months, thanks largely to my MBA’s final semester, and part to some emotional churning that, I’m afraid, is yet to reach its conclusion. I am sure that I’ll end up sharing a lot more about both of these in a later post, but for now, I need to get this thing alive and kicking again. And what better way to do it than pay some more homage to the Master!

I’d always dreamt, and squealed in the idealism of, of Yash Chopra, Gulzar, and Rehman coming together. That happened with ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, and partial as I am to these geniuses, I think that it was rather mellow showing. More equanimous than exquisite. But then, he came back home, and with Vishal Bhardwaj, composed this. This!

I’ve always been partial to dreams of commonplace acts of affection. Wrote something on it too, but lost it, and, well, it wasn’t of course anywhere as grand as this. Such effortless description of everyday love, of doing things that were mundane in the past but are becoming momentous in this day and age, and painting a picture of togetherness in a world that is fast outpacing life itself. There was a time when lovers vowed to build palaces as memoirs. Today, this will suffice.

Film: Ek Thi Daayan

Music: Vishal Bhardwaj

Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan and Clinton Cerejo

Lyrics: 🙂

Here goes…


Hum cheez hain bade kaam ki yaaram,

Humein kaam pe rakhlo kabhi yaaram…


Suraj se pehle jagaayenge,

Aur akhbaar ki sab surkhiyaan hum gungunaayenge,

Pesh karenge garm chai bhi,

Koi khabar aayi na pasand to end badal denge,

Munh khuli jamaai par hum bajaayein chutkiyaan,

Dhoop na tumko lage khol denge chatriyaan,

Peechhe-peechhe din-bhar ghar-daftar mein leke chalenge hum,

Tumhaari filein, tumhaari diary, gaadi ki chaabiyaan, tumhaari aenakein,

Tumhaara laptop, tumhaari cap, phone, aur apna dil,

Kanwaara dil, pyaar mein haara, bechaara dil…


Ye kehne mein kuchh risk hai yaaram,

Naaraz na ho, ishq hai yaaram…

Raat-savere, shaam ya dopahari,

Band aankhon mein leke tumhein oongha karenge hum,

Takiye-chaadar mehke rehte hain,

Jo tum gaye tumhaari khushboo soongha karenge hum…

Zulf mein phansi hui khol denge baaliyaan,

Kaan khinch jaaye agar khaalein meethi gaaliyaan,

Chunte chalein paeron ke nishaan ke un par aur na paaon pade,

Tumhaari dhadkanein tumhaara dil sune,

Tumhaari saanson mein lagi kapkapi gajre bune: juhi, mogra, to kabhi dil,

Humaara dil, pyaara mein haara, bechaara dil…


Humaara dil, kanwaara dil, pyaara mein haara,

Bechaara dil…


There’s no poetry on the silver screen of Hindi cinema like Gulzar’s. If there’s a song you want the words to, please let me know in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “Reading Gulzar – Yaaram

  1. This is song tells that greatest of happiness lies in smallest of things, and this holds true for love too.

    And about the Jab tak hai jaan songs, I was also disappointed initially, but after listening to them for a while I started liking them. Though the favorite out of them is still the poem.


  2. Want to know the name of that book in hashmi’s hand. In yaaram song of ek thi daayan


    1. It is Neglected Poems (Book by Gulzar)


      1. I bought d book. But its not dere in it.


  3. Can u pls tell me in which book dis poem is dere? In song emraan sings from a book. I BOUGHT D BOOK NEGLECTED POEM THINKING OUT WUD b dat book but iys noy. Pls tell.


  4. Is this song actually any poem written by gulzar Saab or he just wrote it for the movie? Please share name of book if there is any.


    1. I think its not in d book n was wrote for film only. I bought d same book shown in song but it wasnt dere.


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