Reading Gulzar – Pukaro Mujhe Naam Lekar Pukaro

The year is almost at an end, and I think this neglected blog can do with a few posts. Since, for one reason or another, I don’t quite feel upto publishing something original, I shall continue to regale you with the words and poetry of arguably the greatest wordsmith of our times.

Now, as anyone who’s ever been in love ought to know, there’s a certain physical, sensual appeal that slowly but certainly creeps into any relationship. And as most of our movies are built around relationships, the depiction of this desire has been a staple of our cinema as well. These days, of course,  it is more prevalent and decadent, but in days of yore, a collective sense of propriety that decreed that suppression of desires was, in fact, a virtue, made such expression a rare thing. As such, it is not until the late ’70s – by when Amitabh Bachchan’s Angry Young Man has shattered the existing ideal of a socialist post-partition India and its morals – that songs that are even the slightest bit risqué are seen.

That is not to say that sensuality was non-existent. It was celebrated with a sense of mystery and awe, in hushed whispers and innocent innuendo, and as a completion of love. Indeed, that is the overwhelming sense I derive from this song. Notice how the romanticism of the verse, the hope of lovers and their belief in a shared destiny, finds completion in an act of desire.

Film: Bhool Na Jaana (unreleased)

Music: Daan Singh

Singer: Mukesh

Lyrics: 🙂

Here goes…

Pukaro Mujhe Naam Lekar Pukaro

Pukaro mujhe naam lekar pukaro,

Mujhe tumse apni khabar mil rahi hai…


Kai baar yoon bhi hua hai safar mein,

Achanak se do ajnabi mil gaye hon,

Jinhe rooh pehchaanti ho nazar se,

Bhatakte-bhatake yoon hi mil gaye hon,


Kunwaare labon ki kasam tod do tum,

Zara muskurakar bahaarein sanwaaro…


Khayaalon mein tumne bhi dekhi to hongi,

Kabhi mere khwaabon ki dhundhli lakeerein,

Tumhaari hatheli se milti hai jaakar,

Mere haath ki yeh adhoori lakeerein,


Badi sarchadhi hai yeh zulfein tumhaari,

Yeh zulfein mere baazuon mein utaaro…


Pukaro mujhe naam lekar pukaro,

Mujhe tumse apni khabar mil rahi hai…


There’s no poetry on the silver screen of Hindi cinema like Gulzar’s. If there’s a song you want the words to, please let me know in the comments below.


1 thought on “Reading Gulzar – Pukaro Mujhe Naam Lekar Pukaro

  1. Correction.
    Jinhe rooh pahchanti ho ajhal se
    Ajhal means time indefinite..


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