Reading Gulzar – Mera Kuchh Saamaan

A succession of pain interspersed with a little melancholy and even less joy: this is what most relationships result in, don’t they? How much do we suffer, how much do we pray for the endurance, the lasting of something, which we ourselves aren’t sure of? I, as always, speak on the basis of what I have seen. And what I have seen is that man has the highest faculty for survival. Nothing else, not love or loyalty, not desire, nor ambition. He lives for living, for continuing to live. As and when things demand change, he changes. It may seem inhuman, it perhaps is the epitome of selfish thought, but it isn’t because we’re cruel, self-centered animals. It is because we’re human.

And if it is this humanity that gets us to move out of situations we don’t have the courage to see through, it is also this humanity that forces us to remember the past and cry out for a little mercy. Each tiny moment of love, each everyday act of care – the shadows of all of them haunt us and doom us to our solitude. Everyone who has walked out on a loved one and still longs to meet them, if only to say thanks, and knows he can’t… everyone such knows the horrendous pain that looking back on those moments bring.

And that is what this song does: look back on those moments. I doubt there are many who haven’t lived what is described here, who haven’t remembered these described moments long after they’re dead, and who haven’t cried a little in memoriam.

Film: Ijaazat

Music: R. D. Burman

Singer: Asha Bhonsle

Lyrics: 🙂

Here goes…

Mera Kuchh Saamaan

Mera kuchh saamaan tumhaare paas pada hai,

Saawan ke kuchh bheege-bheege din rakhe hain,

Aur mere ek khat mein lipti raat padi hai,

Woh raat bujha do, mera woh saamaan lauta do…


Patjhad hai kuchh, hai na?

Patjhad mein kuchh patton ke girne ki aahat,

Kaanon mein ik baar pehen ke lautaai thi,

Patjhad ki woh shaakh abhi tak kaanp rahi hai,

Woh shaakh gira do, mera woh saamaan lauta do…

Ek akeli chhatri mein jab aadhe-aadhe bheeg rahe the,

Aadhe sookhe, aadhe geele, sookha to main le aayi thi,

Gila mann shaayad bistar ke paas pada ho,

Woh bhijwa do, mera woh saamaan lauta do…

Ek sau saulah chaand ki raatein, ek tumhaare kaandhe ka til,

Gili mehendi ki khushboo, jhooth-mooth ke shikwe kuchh,

Jhooth-mooth ke waade bhi sab yaad kara doon,

Sab bhijwa do, mera woh saamaan lauta do…


Ek ijaazat de do bas,

Jab isko dafnaaoongi,

Main bhi wahin so jaaoongi…


There’s no poetry on the silver screen of Hindi cinema like Gulzar’s. If there’s a song you want the words to, please let me know in the comments below.


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