Suddenly in the Midst of Summer

Today marks the anniversary of this blog. Today is also the festival of Holi, the Hindu festival of colour and Spring.

This year, though, the festivities will be a shade calmer: the sudden cool prevalent over much of India will prevent many from indulging in the usual wild splashing and watering of people, emotions, and life itself.

However, this unexpected cold does have some benefits. Some I’ve tried capturing in the lines below. Like always, do let me know how you like them.


Suddenly in the Midst of Summer

Suddenly, in the midst of summer,

In sweltering times, when even the air,

Has to be diluted to find a few breaths of life,

There is a shower,


The rains, it seems, have stolen a season,

Least sought, most desired, have arrived home,

The air is now again a breeze,

And life flows through all life,


The sky, burning but hours ago,

Is now a dark black,

An unending sheath of gloom,

Now answer to unmade prayers,


Leaves have sprung open and flowers bloomed,

To confirm with their eyes the delight of their hearts,

And upon the winds of pulsating life,

Spread their fragrance to us mannequins,


All around, and within, me lies reincarnation,

My tires and tears forgotten,

And worries melted to form the face of Hope,



For this rain, this breeze of life, is your name,

And when unexpectedly, in the scorching summer of life,

You cover and choke me with your dark tresses,

I breathe again, live again, am again.


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