Songs By The Lake

Songs by the Lake

I don’t believe in Valentine’s, but I so do believe in love. And here’s something I wrote celebrating it.

It’s the first “story” I have published here. Let me know how you like it.

They sat there, on the shore, watching the sun set over the calm waters. A frigid wind was blowing, as if it had been waiting for the sun to descend, and the birds had vacated the skies.

Far away, they knew, there were people waiting. Homes, families, the call of the world. They knew that, for the next God alone knows how long, that’s where they were going to be. These were precious moments.

But neither spoke, or perhaps could speak. Their eyes scanned the horizon, and a glint of moisture resided in them. Their fingers were entwined, those of his left and her right, but they sat distanced. Intermittently, he would take his little finger and poke, scratch hers. She let him.

The sun was a mere ring, faint, on the water’s edge. Night had all but put him to sleep, and with a loving smile.

She spoke.

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