Marriages Are Made In…

Hello World!

After a long while, I’ve found the time, and more importantly, the spirit, to post something here. For a considerable period of time now, things hadn’t been smooth sailing. In this time of turmoil, which, alas, hasn’t passed completely yet, there were a million things that I wanted to share here. Many questions to ask, some answers to give. But that couldn’t happen. I still hope that, soon enough, I’ll be able to address them.

This, however, is getting published. It is another email forward (the other, if you missed it, is here) and one that, perhaps, is funnier than the previous one.

These are actual ads taken from a leading matrimonial website of guys searching for brides. The grammar and spelling, are, of course, of no significant consequence  to these posters – everything is straight from the heart! I only hope you don’t forget yours at the end of this. By the way, I’ve not made any changes to the post, but have edited the bracketed comments from the original email.

Hope you laugh, and laugh bad!

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Of Ol’ Calcutta and the Alphabet

As most of you might have figured out by now, and those who haven’t can go here, Calcutta is my city. Home. And a thoroughly wonderful place it is too. Though not the first city the Brits conquered, it was the first whose hearts they did. As a result, the average Bengali then, and the average super-rich Bengali know, took to all things British as fish takes to water, or as a Bengali himself takes to fish. And like we do always, we did things with English that only we can.

The alphabet, for those who know the blessed city…

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